Homemade Olive Garden Alfred Sauce

Print Recipe Homemade Olive Garden Alfred Sauce This Alfred sauce is so good and makes for a perfect Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo. You could even add a little cajun season on top to create Chilies Cajun Chicken Pasta. My Grandma made this all the time while growing up and honestly once you try it you can’t […]

Sous Vide Cheesecake Recipe

Print Recipe Sous Vide Cheesecake Recipe Sous vide is my new favorite way to cook! Wow this sous vide cheesecake recipe awesome! Texture was perfect and had a great taste. You can top these with any fruit or ice cream topping. If you interested in getting a sous vide you can buy one here. I […]

Super Easy Potato Soup

Print Recipe Super Easy Potato Soup This is a perfect soup for the kids and super easy to make! I used my NuWave Cooktop and a medium height pot. ┬áThe nice thing about this recipe is its ready in less 20 minutes. Im a big fan and I know the family all enjoyed. Grab some […]

Cauliflower Mac N Cheese


Now who doesn’t like a good homemade Mac n cheese? I absolutely love Mac n Cheese! My sister shared with me a recipe using cauliflower instead of pasta noodles and I can tell you I was blown away! It was really good and my kids didn’t even realize it cauliflower. So win win for us! […]

Easy Thin Mint Oreo Cookie Grasshopper Pie

My Grandma would make Thin Mint Grasshopper pie for family gatherings and even birthday parties. My brother for his birthday cake one year asked for it. You can make this with Girl Scout thin mint cookies or year round with Keebler Thin Mints. If you can’t find a Oreo cookie pie crust you can crush […]