Homemade Strawberry Jam (Smooth)

My Grandma always has homemade strawberry jam in the fridge. She would make it less chunky because thats the way my Grandpa liked it. Its really easy and your family will enjoy having in the fridge. Breakfast time with warm buttered toast and homemade strawberry jam is the absolute best combination.





  1. Wash the strawberrieshomemade-strawberry-jam-the-food-dad
  2. Cut the Strawberrieshomemade-strawberry-jam-the-food-dad
  3. Blend the Strawberrieshomemade-strawberry-jam-the-food-dadhomemade-strawberry-jam-the-food-dad
  4. Mix and Boil Blended Strawberries. Bring Mixture to Rolling Boilhomemade-strawberry-jam-the-food-dad
  5. Stirring Constantly
  6. Add all the Sugar and Bring back to Rolling Boilhomemade-strawberry-jam-the-food-dad
  7. Remove from Heat and Remove any Skim if needed
  8. Put in Jarhomemade-strawberry-jam-the-food-dad
  9. Enjoyhomemade-strawberry-jam-the-food-dad

Now I am no canning expert but you can freeze this homemade strawberry jam. I am ordering the equipment to can and will have a link on how to do it.

I am just a average dad (The Food Dad) learning how to cook for my amazing wife and 3 kids under 3. I do my best trying to cook but if you have any tips or have made this homemade strawberry jam let me know by commenting below. Everyday is a new adventure for me cooking so looking forward to filling this website up with practical and useful recipes. Enjoy!

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Thank you!

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