Easy Kids Steak Quesadilla

I was craving a steak quesadilla so that means only one thing. Im going to make one! Cooking steak usually means warming up my big grill and makes the process much longer and time consuming. So thanks to the Hamilton Beach Grill which sits on my counter these little snacks just got 10x easier. I grilled up the steak in a few minutes, add the tortilla with cheese and then put strips of steak.




  1. I rub some kosher salt and fresh pepper on the steakkids-steak-quesadilla-the-food-dad-ready-to-cook
  2. Cook the steak on the grill – I used the Hamilton Beach Grill
  3. Cut up the steak
  4. Place tortilla on a griddle. I use an electric griddle like this – Click Herekids-steak-quesadilla-the-food-dad-on-the-grilll
  5. add cheese and steak to your likingkids-steak-quesadilla-the-food-dad-ready-to-eat
  6. Fold over and enjoy!

I am just a average dad (The Food Dad) learning how to cook for my amazing wife and 3 kids under 3. I do my best trying to cook but if you have any tips or have made a Steak Quesadilla let me know by commenting below. Everyday is a new adventure for me cooking so looking forward to filling this website up with practical and useful recipes. Enjoy!

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Thank you!

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